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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> a rare mission, tschida's president visiting the u.s. and acknowledging allah us to be done for human-rights. china's president visiting the u.s. tunisia's interim president promises a break from the past and tries to calm protests in the capital. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, the un security council agrees to send 2000 more peacekeepers to ivory coast. countdown to a big de, 100 days from now prince william will mary kate middleton.
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choreographed visit, the unpredictability of a washington press conference has thrown up a surprising admission from the chinese leader. president hu jintao has obama said ca long way on the issue but he will continue to be candid with his visitor. most of the biggest economic powers have been talking trade and currency. >> two presidents, together they preside over a quarter of the world's population at one-third of the economy. they differ profoundly in their philosophy with government but -- >> we had an enormous stake in 9gfzç success. in an interconnected world and global economy, nations
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including our own will be more prosperous and more secure when we work together. >> they need each other but do they trust each other? currency is too weak. he seems to have said change would come on china's schedule. they talked about how to handle north korea and iran. then they faced the cameras. mr. obama confident, mr. hu hard to read. questions from the press are all but unknown. >> can you explain how the u.s. can be so allied with a country that is known for treating its .
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>> not much spontaneity here but there is a gift for mr. hu. china is to buy $45 billion worth of chinese exports. china may command respect but it does not come and affection. part of the president's mission will be to try to change that to persuade americans in the future china can be a worthy friend. the chinese government is running advertisements on television that shows china in a soft light. perhaps this can persuade zçç&-y?7ç tschida's rio
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power is to be embraced. the undersea -- tschida's rise to power is to be embraced. -- china's rise to power. >> if we begin to pull away from one another and play games with currency and if china begins to play games with u.s. debt such that the u.s. economy is of the obama's presidency. cameras were allowed to linger for a moment. outside the white house a group of demonstrators played out their protest against china's treatment of tibet. the two presidents sought to restore this relationship. if they are succeeding day will offer a recession-battered world more uncertainty. >> tensions between the u.s. and
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china are at their most acute on where the values of the currency's really are a constant problem. what they do about that is crucial to the global economic recovery. vd3, two superpowers who account for one-third of all global output ticket where america and china lead, the rest of us will follow. unfortunately they have a different view on what should happen next. >> the big danger is there are problems between the u.s. and china. that could lead to protectionism. that would be a big negative for the global economy. >> for years americans have fought -- bought more from the rest of the world and u.s.
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companies have been able to sell, leading to a massive trade gap. the trade deficit last year was $252 billion. budget deficit thanks to the recession. last year that was 11% of national income. all of that borrowing needs to come down. the only way to do that is to export more e exchange rate go up. the chinese currency could be 40% undervalued against the dollar. meaning the government fights to keep it that way. it spends at least $1 billion a day in the currency market to stop the exchange rate going up. it sounds like america has a strong case.
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here is tschida's you. view. yes, china aids to save less and import more, but that -- needs tob but that is a long-term process. in the meantime, the chinese think america should get its own house in order. the budget deficit has to come down and the central bank should stop flooding markets. >> a lot of money is in the west. that is finding its way into china. there is a flood of cash coming into china. that is destabilizing for the chinese economy. commodity prices have been going up. xáyó?a;n;çs/wyçw3ççoo3çç s argument because britain needs a strong global recovery.
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without the big trade imbalances that helped cause the financial crisis in 2008. we are unlikely to get that kind coverage of the chinese president's visit to the u.s. on our web site. all the latest news -- one person offers his take in this historic moment in u.s. china relations. police in switzerland have rearrested the former swiss banker who has given details of thousands of tax evaders to wikileaks. he faces new charges of breaking secrecy laws. he was found guilty of threatening an employee at the bank where he used to work. >> it is a case that has drawn
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havens. rudolph was chief operating officer of the swiss bank in the cayman islands. he says he witnessed the powerful hiding their money away and avoiding taxes. once he left the bank, he permission authorities and the press. the prosecution claimed he had conducted a personal vendetta because he believed the bank treated him badly. the question for the judge is did he act out of moral conviction or simple revenge? the final verdict wasnçñ?ñ?ñ?ñ . guilty on charges he had admitted to, writing threatening letters and passing on in permission. not guilty of the sending a hoax bomb threat to his former bank. no prison sentence and a very
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lawyers seemed happy with. the court followed our argument on several points, but on others that was not the case. /q'@7:vu6 appeal. >> but if he thought this was the last time he would be defending himself in a swiss court, he was wrong.
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ni?=qrvókfqkr÷f2?z> to advise the new government and investigate the recent blñ?ñ?ñ?ñturmoil. 33 relatives of the ousted suspicion of crimes against tunisia.
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>> the demonstrators were back on the streets wednesday demanding each and every minister associated with president zine al-abidine ben ali be ousted. more than 100 people are estimated to have been killed during violent clashes over the past five weeks. ministers are set to be resolving the situation. in a televised address, tunisia's presidentfed"in& deliver a complete break from the past and protect the will of the people. the un secretary general ban ki- moon says he hopes he means it. government will listen more attentively to the wishes of the people. addressing many concerns raised in the course of this
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[unintelligible] first of all providing decent jobs for youth, addressing wishes to have more freedom of speech. quote af arabia on friday. on wednesday 33 members of his family were arrested. these necklaces were confiscated from them when they were detained. investigating all assets belonging to and -- zine al- abidine ben ali and his family. >> good to have you with us on "bbc world news." still to come, the countdown begins for the most anticipated wedding of the year. heavy rain is still causing major flooding across parts of
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brazil. motorists had to betcz+xpd÷[ozo safety by helicopter when a river burst its banks. authorities have confirmed 700 people were killed. our correspondent has the latest. ñmmyw+]ca>y+yo=é
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the mudslides. now a week later the extent of the damage is clear. the military has set of two hospitals for the many people needed medical help. ministers from the national government have flown into town with promises of aid for all those in need. that is little comfort for people like this man as he contemplates the ruins of his family home. >> i worked for 30 years to have enough money to build my home here to gain independence for me and my sons. do. >> right across this region the search for the missing goes on. communities must wait.
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>> let's update the headlines for you on "bbc world news." the chinese leader hu jintao acknowledged a lot needs to be done for human rights in his country. a swiss banker who passed them permission to wikileaks has been found guilty of breaking secrecy jp p p wikileaks. the un security council voted to send 2000 more peacekeeping troops to ivory coast were a deadlock is refusing to leave the president -- presidency and his rival goes on. not allow any more troops into the country. >> the un has become a target as it gets sucked into the political crisis. this car was set on fire by
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supporters of the incumbent president. he accused peacekeepers of backing his rival. the security council voted to bolster the forces, adding 2000 more troops. demonstrating their support by inviting his convoy to fit in. repeating earlier warnings not to attack peacekeepers. peacekeepers. this is a crime against crime on the international law. mind eventually all the persons who perpetuate such crimes will be held accountable. >> the un and the international community recognizes him as the
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winner of recent elections. but they former president continues -- former president continues to cling to power. he is squeezing you end attempts to supply him. the new un troops are supposed to keep the supply route open and continue protecting him. they are also supposed to strengthen the at times to protect civilians. ñ they can do. un patrols have been forced to retreat. announced another failure this week. >> [unintelligible]
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>> the longer the crisis continues the greater the pressure on the un. diplomats increase this violence unless they step down. >> authorities in the democratic republic of congo are promising swiss -- swift action against civilians. these arose from disturbances on new year's day in the eastern province. some victims are accusing the local commander of perpetrating them. he denies this. >> thousands of residents have been fleeing along this road when some of these soldiers turned against them, raping the women and losing homes and shops. many of them are coming back. [unintelligible]
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this is the place the violence started on january 1. a military officer was due to be brought to this hospital for treatment but he was taken by people and killed on this spot. later on soldiersjg3> they raped me. it was 7:00 p.m. and those who raped me remember -- were members of the military. ÷ >> she is referring to the military commander in the area. other sources pointed to be responsibility for directing the event that took place. the un has deployed peacekeepers
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in the town. >> authorities in the australian state of victoria have ordered some people to leave their homes. other rivers rising rapidly with fierce one town could be inundated. residents have been told to leave and take three days of supplies. the un is asking for $51 million victims. torrential rain claimed the lives of more than 40 people and forced 350,000 to leave their homes. 100 days from now prince william westminster abbey. we start our own countdown to the big day. michelle will be spending many of the coming days at the abbey. >> welcome to westminster abbey.
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on april 29 everyone will be watching this spot because the bride will enter those doors behind me as kate middleton. she will lead as the wife of a prince. as we mark this, 100th day this night has fallen over in -- as we mark this 100 day countdown, night has fallen over this city. like many engaged couples, they wedding arrangements. but they are taking the lead in shaping what their wedding day will look like. ÷tñ?ñ?ñ?ñthe report does contaih photography. >> the wedding plans are well under way. an entire team dedicated to the project. but only two people are really
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in charge. prince william office acknowledged he and his fiancee are directing all aspects of their big day. it will be a public holiday. the costs will be shared. the royal family and middleton family will pay for most. the british taxpayer will be picking up the bill for the security costs. the couple had made it clear they want a national celebration that does not feel too extravagant. this is work kate middleton will enter westminster abbey. it will then be a nervous walked to the high altar where she will marry her prince in her life will change forever. bride. she is the first commoner to marry a future king. that does not mean she is common but it is and historical fact she is not an aristocrat.
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that is veryb know about the wedding. the bride wishes to keep all details secret for now. the immediate family can be sure of attending. the invitations will be sent out next month but other world leaders are not guaranteed a seat. there will be no avoiding the spectacle of the day. the couple insists this will be a wedding on their terms. they say they want it to be a classic example of what britain does best. >> probably the most difficult challenge facing kate middleton will be shaping her role. there will be comparisons to the woman who would have been her mother in law. said, that he is expecting her to take her time and make her
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own place in the hearts of the british people. a couple more things about what we don't know. the dress and guest lists. it may be possible we will not 04vsswct5hk!:4wñ) the people have said i just want to make sure you have my address. full details at a special section of >> she will be keeping us posted. our top story is the chinese president made a rare admission china need to do more to improve human rights. at a joint news conference he said china will be willing to discuss the issue on the basis of mutual respect. the president has called for a level playing field to determine the value of the chinese currency. much more any time at
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